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"Jane, I have got to find myself a job," Lalia despaired, leafing through the'help wanted' section of the local newspaper, "All these blowouts are stacking up, I've got to arrange some income if I wanna keep up my 'lifestyle',"
Jane picked her way through the carpet of discarded newspapers, not to mention the smattering of candy wrappers, to Lalia's perch at the breakfast bar,
"You're right, Lalia, they certainly are 'stacking up'," Jane tutted, her eyes fixed on Lalia's bulging chest resting heavily on the counter in front of her; she cast another newspaper aside, her expansive bosom flopping onto her midriff as she turned on her seat,
"Oh, haaa-ha!" Lalia flouted, her green shirt's buttons gaping under the strain of her massive boobs, "Don't pick on the girls, wasp-stings,"
"Scoff all you want..." began Jane,
"I often do!" Lalia interrupted with a salacious grin,
"I'm serious Lalia, you're putting on weight. You're not immune to it," Jane insisted whilst subconsciously moving her chest from Lalia's line of sight, "With the amount that you eat the only surprise is how little you've gained,"
"And where it's going?" Lalia smiled, grabbing another newspaper as she hoisted her boobs back onto the counter, her bra straps tautening with a *Gadoiiinnngg!*,
"Do you even know how big those things are now?" Jane continued, "When's the last time you got measured?"
"I dunno, M cup, N cup... M... N..." Lalia muttered, pondering distractedly as she pored through the job pages, "It's one of those anyway. The lady measuring me gave me the same look you give me when I'm gettin' my game on," she joked, looking up to her disapproving roommate,
"Lalia, how do you even stand upright?!" Jane gasped, shocked at the mind-boggling figures being quoted, "Doesn't your back hurt? You'll cripple yourself without proper support!"
Although Lalia was incredibly busty, often drawing admiring glances from boys – along with both jealous and admiring looks from girls – her boobs were frequently eclipsed by her greedy gut and lay huge but forgotten on her springy teenage chest,
"Man, speaking of proper support, you should feel the weight of this thing!" Lalia grunted, as Jane made her way around the breakfast bar to find a rotund gut protruding two feet or so across Lalia's thighs, having once more outgrown her tits in outward span,
"Lalia!" Jane growled, "How did that happen?"
"Grazing," Lalia smirked, "We need milk. And bread,"
"You texted me saying you'd gotten that from the store!"
"*BOYUURRRP!* Ya snooze ya loose, sister!" Lalia grinned, rubbing her rounded belly maternally with both hands, "Four gallons, three loaves and an unspecified amount of cereal bars! Count 'em up!"
"And this is why you need a job," Jane rolled her eyes,
"Jeez Jane, this is me cutting back!" Lalia replied indignantly, "Bread and milk? That's, like, a budget stuffing!"
"That is not you cutting back!" Jane protested, pointing at Lalia's tubby tum stiffening her midriff skin, "You thought about cutting back on the stuffings rather than their constituents?"
"C'mon Jane, this is who I am!" a preoccupied Lalia protested, diving back into the job pages, "I eat, therefore I am!"
"Fine, Lalia, but it'll come back to bite you sooner rather than later," Jane sighed, "Just like that old hammock you call a bra,"
"Jane," Lalia began, in a youthful know-it-all tone, "If I had a job I'd have some money and I could get new clothes. I'm in a vicious circle here!"
Trying not to listen, Jane padded around Lalia's jobhunting debris to the fridge, peering inside to find that it indeed held no milk,
"Guess I'll go to the store then," Jane murmured irritably, surveying the meagre contents of the glass shelves, and pushing her glasses up her nose, "It's not like I passed it on my way home and assumed you hadn't eaten us out of house and home for a change,"
"Sure, sounds good," Lalia thoughtlessly replied, before spinning on her stool towards Jane with a pleading look, "Ooooh could you pick up some treats?!"
"Lalia... I honestly..." Jane shook her head powerlessly, "Do you realise what your eating does to those around you?"
"Well apart from make 'em gawk..." Lalia began defensively, "And love me a little bit more... I'm guessing not a lot really,"
"Wrong, Lalia, you're... wrong," Jane replied, trying to control her anger, "You're just... getting impossible to live with... that's getting impossible to live with!" she barked, pointing at Lalia's swollen tum,
"Ohh, tell me about it!" Lalia moaned, rubbing her distended belly before checking herself upon seeing the livid expression on Jane's face,
"I'm going out," she snapped, marching towards the back door, stepping out and slamming it without another word,
"Jee-eez," Lalia breathed, "Wrong side of the bed doesn't cover it," she glanced down to the solid, pregnant-looking paunch poking out from beneath her green blouse, "And I'm an expert on not covering things!"
She looked back to the newspaper, leafing through the pages for barely another ten seconds before throwing the useless articles to join the rest covering the kitchen tiles,
"I can't think on an empty stomach," Lalia decided, clutching her bulging tummy, which grumbled with a discontented, "*Gggrrrrrooooo*...Ooohhhh... maybe a nap and a bite at 'Cesco's?" she posed, receiving a happier *Bbbbllluuubble!*

"'Cesco, you need any staff?" Lalia enquired several hours later, smiling sweetly at the kindly Italian owner of her favourite restaurant, "I'm experiencing some cash-flow probs,"
The busy lunchtime service had died down, and Lalia, unable to even scrape together change for a garlic bread had decided to visit Francesco's for a chat. And secretly hoped he would take pity, offering a free meal. When this hadn't happened, Lalia resorted to begging for a job,
"Ahhh... haaa..." Francesco uneasily smiled, scratching his head nervously, "Listen, ah... Lalia... you know you my best customer... and ah, don't take-a this the wrong way, see..."
Lalia looked on confusedly as he circled around the point,
"But, ahhh... I don' think a... food preparation environment is... ideal for..."
"You think I'll eat everything?!" Lalia suddenly caught on,
"Ahhh noooo! No-no-no-no-no-no! It's not that..." Francesco stammered, wiping his sweating palms on his white apron, on the verge of inventing a pressing task that needed attending to in the kitchen,
"Ah, take it easy, big man," Lalia sighed, resignedly admitting, "You're right, I couldn't possibly help myself, I'd eat everything in sight,"
"No, you..." Francesco stopped suddenly, "Say... Lalia... call ol' 'Cesco crazy if you like, but... I gotta idea you may be interested in, si?"

"Let... me get this... straight," a clearly astonished Jane paused, hunched over one end of the kitchen table with a smirking Lalia reclining smugly at the other, "He wants you... to eat other restaurants in town... out of business?"
"I know!" Lalia enthused, swinging back on her chair,
"N-no, wait!" Jane waved her hands in bewilderment before clamping them to her face as the colour drained out of it, "He'll pay you to do it... and he'll pay for the food you eat?"
"Check. It. Out!" Lalia shrieked, slamming the chair's front legs to the floor, producing a credit card from her pocket and levelling it at Jane's face, "My ticket to dreamland!"
"You... you charge everything to this card?" Jane choked as her eyes focussed from her friend's beaming face to the card, before looking despondently around the room, "I'm gonna faint,"
"Just imagine, Janey!" Lalia screeched, knocking her chair over as she jumped to her feet in excitement, bounding around the kitchen as she effused, "My ideal job! Eat until there's no more food! And get paid for it! It solves all my problems, all the blowouts I want plus some disposable income! This town won't know what's hit it! I'm gonna stuff myself silly, I'm gonna eat till I need my own zip code, I'm gonna be so heavy I'll crack the pavement, I'll...  Jane, you ok? You look kinda pale,"

*DING!* went the bell above the door of Francesco's restaurant the following evening. It was late, way past ten o' clock, and the kind-hearted proprietor had let the remainder of his staff leave slightly early. He remained to tidy up some final loose ends like loading the tablecloths in the washer, and had turned off the main lights when he heard the ring and turned inquisitively,
"Ohmagod, Lalia!" Francesco gawped as a blobsome redhead wobbled in through the front door of the darkened restaurant, her colossal belly grazing the sides of the doorway as she entered,
"Hiya, 'Cesco!" Lalia beamed,
"What are you doing here?!" he stammered,
"Don't sweat it 'Cesco, I've been doing weights!" Lalia seemed to answer a question that hadn't been asked, "Well, I've been eating a lot and carrying it all around in my belly lately! This is no problem!"
She smacked her wibbling gut assuredly, which resounded with a loud *BOOWWWWWMMM!*
"No, I mean why are you here?!" Francesco hissed insistently, frantically drawing blinds down on the front windows of his restaurant,
"Just letting you know how ol' 'Operation Belly Bomb' is going, giving you an update, sir!" Lalia saluted playfully,
"You can' be seen 'ere, you've got to leave now!" Francesco implored, his accent becoming thicker with agitation as he checked the street outside was deserted. At this Lalia seemed genuinely wounded, crestfallen as she fidgeted like a schoolgirl in the principal's office, and quietly replied,
"But I just came over to say hi... and to maybe grab a milkshake with you..." her bottom lip protruded slightly as Francesco sighed and looked at her, trying his best to be tolerant with his excitable undercover agent,
"Lalia I'm sorry but you can't come here straight after you've been... ah... 'working'," he explained, "People will know what we're upto,"
Attempting to stifle a snigger, Lalia's mischievous attitude returned as she winked,
"Ah, gotcha, keep it under my hat,"
Francesco again sighed,
"Yeah, Lalia... you gotta 'keep it under your hat', see?" he forced a weak smile, fraught with nerves, "And anyway Lalia, how can you possibly want a milkshake, I never seen you this..."
"Fat?" Lalia tittered, "Jeee-alous?"
"Wha...?" Francesco shook his head,
"That somebody's stuffed me fuller than you!" she jested, lightly slapping the descending curves of her belly with both hands rapidly, before gasping, "Wow that's psychoanalytical! It always comes back to that..."
"Wha... La... no!" Francesco stuttered, "I'm not Lalia, I just... didn' expect you!"
"But if you were to... say, squeeze a milkshake in here too," Lalia cajoled, with a sensuous rub of her bloated tummy and a flutter of her enormous eyelashes, "Well then that'd be you stuffing me even fuller!"
Francesco stared at Lalia, noting with irony that he felt he had – to use an Americanism – bitten off more than he could chew,
"Lalia..." he sighed, "It's late and... my wife will be waiting..." he grumbled, trying to think of excuses to get rid of Lalia. She seemed not to hear as she stared with barely dimmed enthusiasm. Again exhaling with annoyance, Francesco tried a different strategy,
"Those, ah... pants don' look like they fit you too well, Lalia," he offered, wondering if she would take the bait and decide to retire home to change out of them. He was again mistaken,
"You must've seen my super-stretchy eating pants before!" she beamed, "They're the only thing that can tame the ol' girl!"
The garish trousers certainly provided some much-needed support to Lalia's immensely heavy gut, tugging onerously at her hips. Francesco regarded Lalia's tautened attire with apprehension; flashes of skin bulged out from every crevice of the outfit as her t-shirt barely concealed her bra,
"An' your top doesn' really..."
"Yeah, yeah I know I'm working on that. It's a lot to ask of a garment to contend with the terrible triplets!" she explained, bouncing her chest with both forearms, "Now d'you want this field report or not?"
"Fine..." the defeated Italian sighed,
"Over a milkshake or two?" Lalia smiled,
"Fine..." came the repeated reply,
"Oh, boy, let's strrrrrretch these pants!" Lalia smacked her lips as she waddled over from the restaurant's entrance to a seat near the counter, sitting heavily down as her belly's contents jostled and churned inside her,
"So," Francesco began upon his return with Lalia's desired milkshake, "How did it go?"
"Great!" she enthused, draining the glass through a straw in a matter of seconds, "Ate every single thing they had... Ahhhhh!" she exhaled, flicking the straw into the empty glass as the bloated belly between her legs grew even further, "Every. Single. Thing,"
Lalia nodded towards the glass with a smile and a glint in her eye, Francesco reluctantly got up to fetch a refill, calling to her,
"You don' think anyone... suspected?"
"No, why would they?" Lalia replied, her eyes following the strawberry concoction as Francesco brought her second milkshake and sat down opposite her once again, "I'm just some greedy bitch who came in, put a lot of the clientele off and scarfed all their food!"
"How did you put them off?" Francesco quickly asked as the glass' contents disappeared just as swiftly as the first. Lalia smiled naughtily as she swallowed,
"I have my ways and means," she said, following her eyebrow-raising demonstration,
"I never realise you on your best behaviour at Francesco's," the man commented, again climbing to his feet to retrieve another milkshake,
"Hmmm, me neither," Lalia considered, "It's just nice to... take the reins off... pig out!"
A further eight large, empty glasses cluttered the table by the time Lalia had finished her 'field report' of her opening night's work,
"*BWUUUUUURRPP!* Time for one more?" she belched,
"Room for one more?" Francesco retorted, craning his neck to see Lalia's bulging gut stretching out under the table, even her super-elastic pants struggling to cling to its rounded bulk,
"I guess you're right," she yawned, stretching her arms above her head, "Don't wanna overdo it on the opening night... but for the record, yes, plenty of room,"
"How you gonna get home?"
"It's not far, I can walk it," Lalia shrugged, "You'd be surprised how nonchalant people can be about this," she said, shaking her giant belly with both hands, "I've been mistaken for pregnant before and it'll happen again,"
"Uh-huh," he nodded uncertainly, "Don' take this the wrong way, Lalia, but... you sure drank a lot of those milkshakes,"
"Ohhh don't be... Oh," Lalia stopped short as she pushed with her legs on the ground either side of the chair to no effect, "Ah, ha... man, this is embarrassing..."
"'Overindulged'; is that the word, Lalia?" Francesco smiled knowingly,
"I wouldn't know, 'Cesco, I'll have to go and look that one up," Lalia smiled back sarcastically, "No, this is just the middleground between being too fat to physically move and the point where I can still pick myself up," she told the smirking Italian, "So either help me up or you'll open up in the morning to find a giant belly has taken over your restaurant and it's owner with her head under the ice cream machine!"
Francesco had to laugh at Lalia's good-natured, but all too believable threat and at the same time couldn't help but get the impression that a plan had hatched in Lalia's head as she had made it. Nonetheless, he rounded the table to hoist the overfilled girl to standing,
"Wh-ooooopsie daisy!" Lalia strained as Francesco helped to haul her upwards and the enormous contents of her whopping belly settled inside her,
"Ah, ha! Check out the overhang, 'Cesco!" she grinned as the waistband of her trousers sunk into her brimming belly's soft flesh, which bulged excessively over the elastic. There was no way that Lalia could ever be mistaken for merely pregnant as over four feet of her slick midriff skin was visible from where her skintight top ended to where her barely-coping bottoms began,
"You sure you can get home like this, Lalia?" a dubious Francesco asked, gazing at the teen's sprawling stomach,
"'Cesco I'm fine, if I call a cab or you give me a ride, then it's obvious that I've been here," she reasoned, turning on the spot, spreading her legs slightly and bending her knees as if testing her ability to shift her own bulk, "Nnnnnngghhh, it'll be a new distance record for me at this... er, 'magnitude', but nothin' I can't handle!"
"You sure?" he checked,
"Yes 'Cesco, I gotta be in fighting shape for round two tomorrow, the walk will do me good!" Lalia smiled, "Even if it probably won't do my back a lot of favours,"
With this, Lalia shifted uneasily and wobbled unsteadily towards the door, her centre of gravity thrown almost insurmountably forwards as she sloshed slowly across the restaurant, its rustic exposed floorboards creaking with strain at the laden young lady crossing them. Her frayed clothing also groaned with tension as Lalia pushed at the limits of its elasticity, her belly bouncing and trembling to accompany her slow, heavy waddle to the exit , each footfall accompanied by a shuddering, *BWWOOOOM!* *BWOOOOOOOM!* *BOOYOOOOUUMM!*
Francesco scuttled past to unlock and open the door for Lalia, standing with his hand on the still-fastened latch as she smiled at him,
"Oooohhhhhhh, 'Cesco! Nobody fills me up like you do!" she moaned, grimacing, "And I don't mind telling you this thing is full up tonight!" she grabbed her belly in both arms and swayed it, instigating a series of satiated sloshings, "Ohhhh listen to the noise it's making! It's like when you fill up a waterballoon too much and it's about to pop!"
Not knowing what to say, Francesco simply replied,
"Safe journey home, Lalia, I'll see you soon, ok?"
"I owe you for the milkshakes, 'Cesco," Lalia began,
"No Lalia, I think by the time you've finished I'll owe you," Francesco smiled, unlocking the door and holding the handle ready to swing it open,
"Thanks, 'Cesco," Lalia nodded gratefully, sighing, "Man, I hope I can fit out of here, I barely squeaked in!"
Francesco opened the door uncertainly as Lalia shuffled her belly into the gap and with some gentle pushing managed to squeeze her gut into the cool night air,
"Piece of cake," she whispered as Francesco waved soundlessly and quietly secured the door behind her, "Oooooohh, cake!" Lalia said to herself as she turned left and headed off down the street, "I'm sure there's a few slices in the fridge, that'll really hit the spot when I get home!" she salivated, barely even conscious of the huge weight she bore, accompanied by a recurring, *BOUYOOOUUM!* *BWOOOOM* *GLOOOSSHH* *BAYOOOOM* *GALOOOOSH!*

Nearly twenty-four hours later, Jane heard Lalia's key click into the lock of their front door, causing her to glance up at the clock,
'At least she's not as late as last night,' Jane thought, spreadeagle on the lounge floor surrounded by books and notes. She looked back down to the paragraph the noise had interrupted; when she had re-read the passage, Lalia was still to make an appearance,
'You just can't predict that girl,' Jane let out a sigh, but checked herself as she realised it could well be somebody other than Lalia at the front door; what if it was someone trying to break in? What if it was someone who had stolen Lalia's keys to now access the house? So it was with some trepidation that Jane quietly left her work behind, crept across the lounge and peered around the corner. The sight of Lalia was at first a relief, then an aggravation,
"Ah... hi, Jane!" a fully-loaded Lalia smiled awkwardly, having evidently tried to back in through the door in order to gain access to the house more easily; her enormous belly however was now stuck fast, "Be right with you!" Lalia tried to sound casual as she looked over her left shoulder at Jane, who stood in the hallway with her arms crossed. Turning back towards her wedged tummy, Lalia felt Jane's eyes burning into the back of her as she tugged ineffectively at her heaving gut, compressed into an uncomfortable-looking rectangle by the doorframe,
"Come on you... stupid... *Bbbbbrrrrrrppp!*" Lalia muttered, trying to stifle a thunderous burp squeezed out of her lodged belly in her attempts to extricate her bloated midriff. Bracing herself on the doorframe with her hands and pushing with her arms, she finally extractied her truly immense belly on the third attempt, "Ahhhh!" she sighed, swinging her substantial weight around to face Jane, whose hands were placed firmly on her hips, "*BOOOIIIIINNNNNGG!* Hey!"
Jane fixed Lalia with a stern look that made the bloated redhead duck her head and avoid eye contact, smiling apologetically as she wavered in the hallway, her hugely distended belly bobbing and wobbling between the two,
"Another... successful night then?" Jane scowled at Lalia's vast tummy,
"You could say that," Lalia smiled, hoping to prompt the same thing from her housemate. Greeted with no change in Jane's stony demeanour, Lalia shifted tact quickly,
"Ah... listen, Jane... I'm really sorry I disturbed you I really didn't mean to," she sheepishly and hastily apologised, "Look I can tell you're kinda... not in the mood right now I'll, uh... leave you alone,"
Jane sighed guiltily; Lalia couldn't have disrupted her any less if she had tried, and the genuine apology did come from the right place,
"It's ok Lalia," Jane cracked a smile, "It's kinda late for reading on a Friday anyway; how are you?"
"I'm, er... good," Lalia nodded, "D'you mind if we, ah... go on through?" she pointed towards the room from which Jane had emerged as her belly gurgled loudly and Lalia grunted softly with exertion, "I'm... ah, kinda... feelin' the weight here!"
"Yeah... sure," Jane approved as Lalia lurched forwards, "Lalia, you..."
"Whoooaaa!" the laden teen let out a sudden cry as she attempted to put one foot in front of the other but was overpowered by her bulging belly's weighty momentum,
*BWOOOOM, BWOOOM BAHWOOOOUUM!* resounded her stuffed tummy as Lalia stumbled through the archway between hallway and living room, her heavy footsteps pounding on the floor as her huge tits bounded up and down, slapping repeatedly onto the top of her belly. Finally stopping her dangerous stumble as she caught herself on the back of the sofa, Lalia's cheeks flushed slightly as she looked backwards and once again smiled towards Jane,
"Your... belly... is down to your ankles, Lalia," Jane pointed out anxiously,
"Mmmm, yeah," Lalia smiled, gradually regaining her balance as she straightened up and released her grip from the couch, "Quite a stretch, isn't it?"
"You ok, Lalia?" Jane asked as her flatmate continued to steady herself using the furniture to her right side, "You don't seem quite yourself,"
"I'm fine, Jane," Lalia replied, "I'm just trying to, y'know, keep it together. I can tell you're not in the mood for... all this," she gestured towards her gigantic gut, "And I'm just trying not to piss you off,"
"Awww, Lalia," Jane shook her head, "It's ok, please don't feel like you're treading on eggshells with me, I know you... find it hard to... well, censor yourself,"
"You mean it?" Lalia replied, uncharacteristically meekly,
"Sure," Jane smiled, "How are you, really?"
"Really..." Lalia's timid face broke into the broadest of grins as she thrust her hips towards Jane, sticking out her wildly protruding belly even further, "Check out the GUT! *GADDOO-OOO-OOOUMM!*" her tummy jiggled as stopped in midair, several inches closer to Jane, who afforded herself a quiet snigger,
"Yeah Lalia, you've really... outdone yourself this time,"
"What can I say, Jane? I am de-signed to eat!" Lalia enthused, slapping her free hand on the fleshy side of her stomach and jiggling its enormous expanse, resounding with a *Bbbbllllloobbbbllle!* as it shook,
"What was on tonight's hitlist?" Jane asked, circling to pick up her books from the rug, should they be trampled on by her corpulent housemate,
"My mission, should I choose to accept it," Lalia grinned, "Was to annihilate Zeng's Chinese Buffet on Western Boulevard,"
"I know the place," Jane replied, stacking her books on a coffee table to the corner of the room, "And did you succeed?"
She turned to see Lalia waddling to the middle of the room, preparing to take a seat on the sofa. At this question she paused, straightened and pointed with both hands to her crowded gut,
"Does it look like I succeeded?"
"I dunno Lalia, you're certainly..."
"'Fatter,' Janey, just say it!" Lalia laughed with glee,
"Fatter..." Jane hesitated at the word, "Than I've seen you in quite a while,"
"Man oh man it's good to be back," Lalia chattered as she paced heavily up and down the lounge, her belly wobbling metres in front of her, "You're right about censoring yourself, it's no good doing things by halves... sorry if you liked Zeng's by the way, I'm not sure if or when they'll be back open,"
"Lalia you're kinda taking my words out of context there," Jane protested, without wishing to cramp her gorged girlfriend's style, "I don't think it's an ideal way to... well, express yourself... blowing yourself up to this size,"
Here Lalia stopped in her tracks to face Jane, her stomach grumbling faintly as it wrestled with its capacious contents,
"Janey, this just the tip of the iceberg, I'm gonna go the whole hog tomorrow!" she revealed, patting her belly with both hands, which cast an enormous spherical shadow onto the rug beneath her,
"Lalia you're crazy! If nothing else surely it's just dangerous what you're doing," Jane protested. Often forgetting that for all her questionable eating habits, Lalia was a gifted English major, Jane was initially surprised to find Lalia arguing her case lucidly,
"Ticks feed on blood, right? Hematophagy, it's called," Lalia somewhat cryptically replied, to which Jane nodded, "Well did you know a tick can feed upto 600 times its own body weight at a time?"
Jane didn't know this, and had no retort as she shook her head bemusedly and Lalia continued,
"Well if those tiny little insects can do it, why can't I? I mean, 600 times!" Lalia emphasised, "Do you think I've ever even gotten close to 600 times my body weight?"
Again, Jane had no answer as now Lalia for once seemed to be lecturing her, getting into her stride as she explained,
"I'm not saying I'm part tick, I'm just saying that if they can do that, I don't think me doing this is a major issue," she prodded her packed, protruding gut as Jane now finally thought of a comeback,
"Yeah but Lalia, a flea can jump something like 2000 times its own body length," Jane reasoned, "Nobody's able to do that!"
"Sure they're not!" Lalia somewhat surprisingly agreed, "But, like, an Olympic long-jumper can jump waaaay further than you or I... it's just that I can eat waaaay more than you! And just 'cos a flea can jump waaaay further than a long jumper, doesn't mean the long jumper isn't better at jumping than you or I... you get me?"
Jane, she thought somewhat unfortunately, did get Lalia, as her overfilled flatmate concluded,
"When a tick gets full... y'know, engorged," she said, stressing the final word hungrily, "It's entomologically known as 'replete'," she again over-pronounced the final word, eagerly continuing, "All I want... is to get bigger... and fatter... and tighter, and fuller, and heavier and more stuffed until... I'm replete,"
Jane was slightly taken aback by Lalia's sexually-charged rant as she falteringly asked,
"And I guess... you're not replete yet?"
"Nnnnnnot by a longshot, girl!" Lalia cheered, swaying her hips and wobbling her ponderous belly alarmingly as Jane kept her distance, watching and listening on in wonder as gurgles, gloops and sloshes filled the air with Lalia's wild oscillations,
"Now... I might not be replete just yet, but this cargo sure is shivering my timbers," Lalia grimaced, "Time for this dreadnought to berth!"
She backed carefully towards the couch once more, conscious of destroying the furniture with her sheer untold bulk. Reversing until the backs of her thighs touched the cushions, Lalia bent her knees and slowly lowered herself down onto the sofa, which creaked loudly with strain, but bore her weight successfully for the time being,
"Lalia, get off you're gonna ruin it!" Jane pleaded as creaking once again filled the air,
"Ooohhhhhh sorry Janey, no can do!" Lalia moaned with her eyes closed, "If it's any... consolation... it's not the couch making that... NNNNNGGGHH... noise!"
Jane momentarily thought that Lalia may have been wrong about not being 'replete', but looked down just in time to see the waistband of Lalia's courageous trousers split under the strain at her left hip with a *SSHHHHHRRRRRRRIIIIIIPP!*
"OOOOOHHHH! It can't be tamed!" Lalia moaned with relief as her massively inflated belly tumbled out of the shredded pants and seemed to burgeon even further, clearly having been stemmed somewhat by her clothing's eventually-futile efforts,
"Aaaahhhhhh, atta girl!" Lalia approved, patting her voluminous gut as she reclined on the sofa, her belly rolling down between her legs, obscuring almost half of the furniture's upholstery as it swelled, "Once 'Cesco sees the returns of my... *UUURRRRPP!*... hard work, I can buy some... erm, 'more accomodating' eating pants!" she grinned at Jane,
"Lalia, don't you think that was a bad move?" her housemate condescendingly asked,
"How so?"
"Were those trousers not the only thing keeping your belly off the floor?"
Lalia looked down, struggling to see past her giant boobs propped up by her stuffed gut to near her chin, seeing her belly squishily engulfing her legs and slumping satiatedly to hang a few inches above the floor. As if testing her own size, Lalia stretched her arms around the sides of her corpulent midriff to find its limits were nowhere within her reach, bulging several feet away from her grasp,
"Uuuuunnnggh! Man, good point!" she consented, "This thing is he-e-e-avy!"
"How much did you eat, Lalia?" Jane asked in astonishment, "I can't remember the last time I saw you... well, like this!"
"What didn't I eat would be a more pertinent question, Janey!" Lalia smiled broadly, "I told you, I ate everything they had, so y'know the buffet island?" Jane nodded hesitantly, "I guess they had enough to fill that like three times over,"
Jane's eyes widened as she saw in her mind the table in question, over ten feet long with deep trays all around its perimeter, and looked down to see all of that pushing Lalia's circumference outwards,
"How did you keep getting up to go back for more?" Jane questioned,
"Oh, they tried to stop me," Lalia chuckled, "I just ended up pulling up a chair to the food table!"
"And you got home... how?"
"Oh! I haven't mentioned?" Lalia enthused, "The taxi company kinda know me after the last coupla times, so if you call for a cab in future, maybe mention my name, huh?"
Jane was speechless; Lalia was gaining quite a reputation, at first on campus, but now throughout the local community in general. And nobody seemed to mind in the slightest, or think that the inflatable redhead sprawled in front of Jane was in the least bit strange,
"Ugh! Those stairs are gonna be hard work," Lalia mused as she gazed downwards to address her colossal belly, "This is all your fault, could you not wait five minutes before busting out?"
Jane was stirred from her daze as Lalia's tremendous gut trembled with gurgles, her face soon breaking into an almost maternal smile,
"Ah, I can't stay mad at you," she cooed, patting her tummy reassuringly, "We gotta be thankful for small mercies, Janey; at least it waited 'til I got home, it has more restraint than me!"
Jane couldn't help but smile, and was amazed to find she almost understood in that moment why Lalia was held in such warm regard by the inhabitants of the town. She was a regular celebrity in their neighbourhood due to her tremendous stuffing binges, and her gigantic gut wobbling home late at night through the grass-bordered sidewalks was considered a familiar sight by the residents. But it was her vivacious personality that made Lalia endearing, and although Jane had to tolerate the consequences of her eating sessions more than anyone, she realised that she wouldn't have Lalia any other way,
"Sooo... any chance of some help up the ol' wooden hill?" the quavering request came from the immense, immobile form almost covering the couch,
"Now you're pushing it, Lalia, try censoring yourself," Jane quipped,
"Fine," Lalia sulked, "Is there anything good in the fridge?"
"Why, Lalia, you can't still be thinking about eating!"
"Well if you're not gonna help me upstairs, at least stuff me 'til I'm so paralyzed I can't even think about moving,"
"Lalia, for the thousandth time, I'm not being your feeder,"
Part One of Two

Read Part Two here

All comments are welcome, no matter how long after the deviation is published; donít feel discouraged from commenting just because the story has been Ďoutí for however long. Feel free to ask me questions and offer criticisms about my writing and I will respond.
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I think your writing is very good and I really enjoyed reading this. I think it would help though if you had a drawing of Lalia at each stage of her stuffing. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more of your stories.
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I can't draw unfortunately :(

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